Invaluable Companion

Riding means joy. This is what my horses let me feel every day. As different as their characters are, they still have one thing in common: As partners, they always give their best.

Con Brio SDF

  • 2007, KWPN
  • Sire Sir Sinclair/Dame’s sire Taxateur
  • Purchased as a training level horse
  • after 1 year training successfully in PSG
  • Horse of the year in 2015 USDF Third Level Freestyle
  • Grand Prix Debut in 2019


  • 1999, KWPN
  • Sire Kigali /Dam’s sire Animo
  • Purchased as young horse and trained by·myself up to GP
  • Successfully in GP on CDI’s since 2009

Romano K

  • 2002 Brandenburger
  • Sire Rockwell/ Dame’s sire Pik Bube
  • In possession since 2012, successful up to GP
  • Nickname: Mr.Romi


  • 2011 KWPN
  • Sire Briljant / Dame Punika
  • In possession since 2017
  • successful in 4th level and PSG


  • 2003, Hannover
  • Sire Weltmeyer/ Dame’s sire Ludendorff
  • In possession since 2011, successful up to GP
  • Nickname: Puupsli
  • 2017 sold to Young Rider Ariel Boesener Canada, Winnie and Ariel already represented her county very successfully in CDI’s


  • 2009
  • Sire·Don Henrico/ Dam’s sire Rohdiamant
  • In training since January 2012
  • 2013 sold to Austria

Fidelius H

  • Owned since 2009
  • successful international Inter 1
  • Nickname: VIP, Very Important Pferd
  • sold to Germany ready for GP


  • 1991, Swiss Warmblood
  • Sire Unkensee Dam’s sire Watzmann
  • Owned since 2005
  • successful national und international GP, about 15 rankings an CDI***, Swiss Championship SM ’05 8. Rank, SM ’07 9.Rank
    und SM ’09 8. Rank
  • Now happily retired


  • Trained up to GP
  • Owner: Gerda Wiedmer

Reagan G

  • Trained up to St Georg
  • Owner: Nicole Josuran

Pancho van Gestelhof

  • Trainend and successful Inter 1, ready for GP
  • sold to Young Rider Hélène Panchaud, she qualified for the Swiss National Team with Pancho


  • Trained to GP, successful up to Inter I
    sold to Young Rider Barbara Wiedemann
  • Also qualified for the Swiss Young-Rider team with Aljosha

Peter Pan

  • trained and successful up to GP
  • Later a member of Swiss Young Rider team with Barbara Wiedemann and Delia Eggenberger


  • Successful up to·Inter I
  • Later in the Swiss National Team with Young-Rider Markus Graf
  • Owner: Sascha Kündig


  • Successful up to Inter I
  • Owner: Franziska Seidl